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Innovative and Revolutionary Vexus® Boats Coming to Last Chance Performance Marine

LCPM is now an authorized dealer of the full line of exciting Vexus® Boats

Hemet, California, 9/13/19 — Last Chance Performance Marine is thrilled to announce a new partnership with VEXUS® Boats, bringing this revolutionary line of fishing boats to Southern California.

Over fifty years ago, the seeds of the VEXUS® brand were planted by one of the most recognized individuals in the marine industry, Forrest L. Wood.  Today, that heritage continues to deliver the most ground-breaking innovations in America’s fishing boat history.  From Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid™ models to fiberglass rigs engineered to be lighter, faster, stronger, and smoother, these Total Performance Machine™ designs have captured the excitement of the entire fishing industry.

“I have always had a great deal of respect for the individuals behind the VEXUS® brand, but after touring their plant and seeing the process first-hand, I walked away with a whole new level of respect for the heritage and passion behind this boat line,” said Last Chance Performance Marine’s Mike Peterson.

“When they talk about unparalleled quality, innovation, experience, and a personal dedication to exceeding expectations its not just marketing buzz-words. Those claims are clearly evident in every step they take in building these boats, and I was blown away with the state-of-the-art facility, their methods, equipment, and attention to detail.”

Among the many examples of their innovative designs is their AVX Series, their Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid™ boat line that delivers a high-quality look and feel that was traditionally reserved for top tier fiberglass boats. “Without a doubt, the AVX Series is going to change the way anglers look at aluminum boats. The layout, comfort, fit and finish of those boats put them in a class of their own — the glass-infused technology is a true game changer,” Peterson says.


“From rough water confidence to shallow water stealth, these high performance designs are quick, quiet, dry, and super-responsive, all while delivering an incredibly smooth ride. Bow to stern, it’s a design so solid, it sends a Strongly Welded Message™.” – Vexus® Boats

VEXUS® exhibits that same passion for innovation, performance and craftsmanship in their line of VX fiberglass bass boats as well. Their VX20 and VX21 bass boat models are engineered like no other boat in their class, evolved from centuries of design and development expertise to outperform and outlast any other boat on the lake. An impressive list of innovative design elements creates a high-performance bass boat that is lighter, faster, stronger and smoother than the competition.

“With our ongoing commitment to offer our customers ample choices from the best boating products in the world, we are very excited about being part of the Vexus® family as we deliver that passion and excitement they have to our customers here in Southern California,” Peterson said.

“We have so many friends in the Southern California market and we’re pleased to have such a great dealer sharing our products with them.  The heart and soul of the folks at Last Chance Performance Marine make them the perfect choice to help so many Join the Revolution,” said Keith Tripp, Regional Sales Manager of VEXUS® Boats.

Last Chance Performance Marine is set to get their first delivery of VEXUS® Boats this month. To inquire about VEXUS® Boats, give us a call at 951-765-1800 or stop by our store at 3750 Wentworth Dr. in Hemet. To learn more about what makes VEXUS® special, visit their website at

Last Chance Performance Marine is also proud to partner with our other boat lines; Phoenix Bass Boats, Skeeter Boats, Lund Boats, and Lowe Boats.

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